Motion Graphics and Compositing - Project 4

6/7/2020 - 13/7/2020 (Week 13 - Week 14)
Lee Yu Hui | 0335787
Motion Graphics and Compositing
Project 4


Project 4 - Abstract Motion

For our final project, we were supposed to create a 15-30 sec abstract motion video.
The challenge for this project is that it would be hard for us to look for references as it is abstract themed. 

Since it was abstract themed, I wanted to use metaphors to visualize the story. In addition, I wanted to try a different editing style as part of the abstract motion is also about experiential, therefore I wanted to experiment in a editing style that I never did before. This project would be far more challenging than the previous projects and I wasn't sure how is this going to go in the end. 

Since it is hard to look for references, that means I have to have a clear image of how I wanted the animation to look like. I decided to do an animation that revolves around the theme about a persons life, and how life may seem dark and dull, but in the end, there'll always be light shined upon every darkness.

Using the basic concept that I had, I present my ideas to Mr. Fauzi. 

Even though I've got the basic concept figured out, I'm actually still wasn't sure how I wanted to visualize it. Therefore, I decided to work backwards, which is to look for audio to tell the story. 

After hours of searching, this is the audio that I plan to use for the animation:

Audio for animation

I chose this audio because it tells a story, and it helped me visualize the animation better. The song has a dark and intense rhythm in the beginning, and it'll go soft and harmonious gradually. 

Having the audio set for the animation, I started to prepare the visuals for the animation. Mr. Fauzi gave me the suggestion and guidance to have a script written out so that I can plan my scenes better. 

Life is hard, isn't it?
Everyday, we go through the same, repetitive life. 
Sometimes, it even gives us the illusion that time just stopped there. 
We live in a world, where everyone hoped for a rose-colored life.
Unfortunately, we don't always get the rose colored life that we hoped for.
However, do know that even in the darkest days, there'll be light.
Everything will be alright.
We can't choose to live the rose colored life that we wanted,
But we can choose to change our perspective on things.

After I've written the script, I manage to slowly piece the visuals together.
I decided to look for stock footage online, and turn it into a collage style video.

Fig 1.0 Footage that I used in the animation
The process of editing wasn't really easy for me as I have to try to make the composition looks interesting using videos. There isn't a clear image on what I could do for the animation, therefore I have to play around with the keyframes and effects to see which one would work out best.

Fig 1.1 Animating in Ae

After completing the precomps, I assemble them all in the final composition and exported it.

Initial animation

After showing the final outcome to Mr. Fauzi, he pointed out parts that I could change and improve. He advises me to try to cover the man's face in the third scene, and try to not zoom in the words as a end transition. 

After amending the animation, this is my final outcome:


Week 13
Mr. Fauzi suggests that I could write a script to better visualize the animation for the storyboard. He also agrees that this project would be a challenge for me as I'm challenging myself an editing style that I never did before.

Week 14
Mr. Fauzi asked me to try to cover the man's face in scene 3 as the body language is the focus of the scene. He also asked me to change the transition of the words so that the words doesn't zoom in when the scene is finished. He also reminded me that I should try to put effects and keyframes on videos as the stock videos does not belong to me.


Week 13
Creating the visuals for this project would be challenging and risky for me because it's either going to turn out good or it might backfire too. But since I'm in the learning process I think that it's a risk worth taking. 

Week 14
I actually think that I could've done more for the animation if it weren't for the time constraint. However, during the process, I did learn a lot new ways of editing and learning how to composite the frame for a better visual appearance. Throughout 14 weeks of classes and project, I'd say I've definitely grown a lot and expanded my knowledge in animation as well. I can see the improvements that I've made along the way, and now looking back at some older projects, I've also starting to see where I could've improve on. It has been an amazing journey, and I'm glad that I've got the chance and choice to experiment on different styles and ways of working.


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