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Advanced Animation - Final Project

16/4/2020 - 21/5/2020 (Week 12 - Week 15)
Lee Yu Hui | 0335787
Advanced Animation
Final Projects
Final Project 

For our final project, we are required to create a minimum of 30 seconds animation with full background and organized scenes. 

Mr. Kannan gave us the exercise to act out scenes from movies of our choice, and I chose to work with a scene from Frozen 2.

Acting scene comparison with Frozen 2
From the acting exercise, I noticed that I became more observant towards the gestures and poses of the character. And that is why a lot of animators would act the scene out before they start to animate the character. I definitely learned a lot through this exercise and I also think that this is actually a great practice for animators.
For the final project, Mr. Kannan gave us a rocketgirl rig that we could use as the main character for the final project. I initially wanted to use the scene from Frozen 2 as the animation reference, however upon looking at the rigged character, I changed my mind. 


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