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Community Service Initiative

  7/4/2021 - (Week 2 - Week 14) Group Members Lee Yu Hui (0335787) Zoe Wong Zen Yee (0336770) Joseph (0336620) Jasmine Teoh Lee Suan (033993) Enos Ku Jihe (0338453) Julius Teoh (0338487) INTRODUCTION For this module, students are required to work in groups to work with NGO's of our choice and come up with a project idea to help them. The goal for this module is to raise awareness and/or helping them through design. Due to the rising Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, our module lecturer Mr. Charles suggests us to execute the project online to reduce physical interaction. My team looks forward to help out stray animals, therefore we reached out to various animal shelters and organizations in hopes of helping them to spread awareness and raise funds for their needs. We ended up working with Animal Care after several discussions with them, and we were pleased to know that they promotes the practice of One-Street CNRM (Care-Neuter-Return-Manage), which we were eager to help promote and sprea

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