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Design Exploration

24/8/2020 - 23/11/2020 (Week 1 - Week 14) Lee Yu Hui | 0335787 Design Exploration Project During our first class, our lecturer Miss Anis told us that we are given the freedom to create any sort of product/ content for this module within the specific theme given. The theme that was given to us was about Covid-19, and we are required to create a project that is related to Covid-19.  It didn't take us long to figure out what we want to do. One of my teammate Zoe propose that we can create a pouch dedicated for Covid-19, so that people can put the essentials and bring it on the go. After proposing out initial idea to Miss Anis, she gave us the green light and we were allowed to proceed.  Alongside with the pouch, we also wanted to create something else so that the product could have a more complete branding. We listed out a few ideas on Miro, and we try to narrow it down based on our time available and the limitations that we might face. Listing in Miro As for the pouch itself, since

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